Where to order quality plastic injection molds?

Where to order quality plastic injection molds?

So, you need a custom plastic part or product, but you are not sure which molding method to use for this.  First of all, you should decide on the dimensions of the future product, its physical properties (flexibility or stiffness) and shape (round, square or other).

Polymer molding is the process of treating a liquid or flexible material using a rigid frame called a mold or template.

When molding plastics, a powdery or liquid polymer such as polyethylene or polypropylene is placed in a hollow mold so that the raw material can take the desired shape.  Depending on the type of polymer used, different temperature and pressure ranges, different molding techniques can be used to create the final product.

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What factors will determine the cost of plastic molding:

  • The number of products required. The production method is determined by the circulation of the product.  For example, plastic injection molding produces an expensive metal mold.  This increases costs initially.  However, the more products are produced with its help, the lower the cost of the product becomes.
  • Product material. For each project, thermoplastic resins are selected with optimal characteristics and an affordable price.
  • Dimensions of the final product. The size of the product affects the consumption of material, as well as the cost of preparatory work.
  • The complexity of the geometry of the product. The more complex the product design, the higher the cost of the work will be.

However, when ordering the manufacture of such products, the main thing is to turn to real professionals in order to be satisfied with the result later.  Therefore, it is best to contact China Mold.

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