Polycarbonate Sheets, Sheet Extrusion

Polycarbonate Sheets, Sheet Extrusion

Polycarbonate sheets are used to manufacture Akyver by Kaysersberg Plastics, used extensively throughout the building and construction industries.

Akyver twinwall plastic sheet is the ideal transparent sheet for use in the construction of new building panels, as well as building renovation. It is perfect for use as roofing in industrial glazing, glass roofs, conservatory roofing, and other areas of architectural glazing, due to its durability, transparency and cost-effectiveness. Glass is becoming a less and less feasible option as the material to use in conservatory roofing, skylights, and other glass roofs, due to its fragility and the high costs linked to large panes of glass. Akyver twinwall polycarbonate sheet is easy and safe to install and handle.

The extruded polycarbonate sheet combines rigidity and thermal insulation, and is likely to last a lifetime once in place. Due to a special surface treatment, Akyver twinwall plastic sheet is ideal for all sorts of conservatory roofing and glass roofs, as well as more commercial uses – it is now possible to reduce the amount of solar energy that passes through the material by reflecting a significant portion of the sun’s rays. The properties of Akyver can be customised slightly to fit your own specific requirements, and twinwall glazing is an increasingly popular alternative to traditional glazing.

Because of the solar-reflection properties of Akyver, it is ideal for all sorts of industrial twinwall glazing. Its insulating qualities render it perfect for any circumstance where insulation glazing is necessary, especially because the plastic polycarbonate sheet can be thermoformed easily into any shape or size.

As well as a replacement for glass roofs, building panel partitions can also be constructed using Akyver twinwall plastic sheet thanks to its durability, as can interlocking-board wall cladding building panels. These polycarbonate building panels can incorporate condensation drainage systems, and there is also the option of Akyver being a fire resistant cladding material.

Plastic sheet extrusion from Kaysersberg Plastics is also used in RTP – returnable transit packaging – such as plastic layer pads and plastic dunnage.

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