Made in the UK from 100% recycled PVC, Lawnform™ creates a neat edge around lawns and paths. Being 5mm thick it is also strong enough to be used to form raised or terraced beds.

Available in two widths, 270mm and 100mm, each section is connected together by a common ball and socket arrangement allowing it to follow gentle landscaping contours. Additionally a 90º corner section can also be connected in the same way to provide extra design flexibility where sharper angles are required.

Unlike some of the flimsier edgings available, Lawnform™ will not shatter if it comes into contact with a lawnmower or strimmer.

Lawnform™ is available ex-stock from H L Plastics in a range of heights, 63mm (2.5”), 127mm (5”), 190mm (7.5”), 254mm (10”) and 305mm (12”).

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