Polypropylene Plastic Sheets, Sheet Extrusion

Polypropylene Plastic Sheets, Sheet Extrusion

Akyplen and Akyplac layer pads are two forms of extruded polypropylene plastic sheet which are currently manufactured by Kaysersberg Plastics.

Akyplen plastic sheet are a very durable, bespoke returnable transit packaging product with a low tooling cost. A solid, thin, and flexible polypropylene sheet, it is manufactured using some of Europe’s most advanced sheet extrusion technology and methods, and its properties and potential uses mean that it can easily be used in place of PVC or board.

The low manufacturing costs, resilience and reusability of Akyplen make it ideal for transporting products and components around a manufacturing site, warehouse or factory. Akyplen is also ideal for your printed and offset material. It makes storage cheap and easy, with polypropylene plastic sheet easy to make into plastic layer pads and other storage articles.

Akyplac plastic sheet shares many characteristics with the Akyplen sheet, since it too is a thin, extruded polypropylene sheet, but Akyplac consists of rigid, twinwall sheets. It is water resistant, and can be cut out and printed on easily using flexographic printing techniques. These qualities make it the perfect plastic graphic sheet for temporary signs, exterior display panels, labels, and all sorts of other advertising purposes. Akyplac has low production costs, and so it is one of the most cost-effective extruded plastic sheet on the market. It can easily replace cardboard, PVC and polystyrene, and comes in a variety of thicknesses.

The glass industry uses both of these plastic sheets as layer pads in closed-loop systems to deliver their bottles. Because of the hard-wearing qualities of Akyplen and Akyplac, these layer pads can be reused many times, providing a cost-effective, very useful, and environmentally friendly solution to returnable transit packaging.

Although extruded plastic sheet is ideal for temporary signs, outdoor lettering and general large format work, Akyplac and Akyplen plastic layer pads have a wide range of potential uses because of their durability, cost-effectiveness and versatility.

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